theCubeNet Alt Coins Extravaganza

TheCubeNet Alt Coins Extravaganza is underway.  Try saying that one five times fast.  Anyway our friends over at theCubeNet have been hard at work on their payment system to allow for more cyber-currencies.  They were previously accepting Bitcoin.  Now their payment options include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin and WorldCoin.  To celebrate they are offering twice the bandwidth on block accounts through the end of the month.

theCubeNet Cyber Currency Special

Qualifying for the special is easy enough.  To enjoy double the bandwidth on any block purchase you’ll want to use a cryptocurrency during sign up.  Any of the ones listed above will work just fine.

Here’s a quick summary of the block accounts with double the bandwidth:

  • 5 GB, 10 GB for $2.99
  • 25 GB, 50 GB for $6.99
  • 50 GB, 100 GB for $10.99
  • 75 GB, 150 GB for $12.99
  • 100 GB, 200 GB for $14.99
  • 200 GB, 400 GB for $19.99
  • 500 GB, 1000 GB for $39.99
  • 750 GB, 1500 GB for $59.99

My favorite deal is the 200 GB doubled to 400 GB for $19.99.  You can see how it compares on our block page.

All theCubeNet blocks include 1,990+ days of binary retention, up to 50 connections, free SSL encryption and access to both US and EU servers.  In addition their blocks do not expire.  Meaning you can use the account until you deplete all the bandwidth.  Then you can always top off with another purchase on the same account.  theCuberNet blocks can be shared between three users and come with a free copy of News Rover.

In addition to the alt coins special, theCubeNet has partnered with OctaneVPN to offer a discount on VPN access.  They are offering unlimited VPN with access to 114 gateways in 38 countries for just $2.99 a month or $27.99 a year.  You won’t need VPN for the Usenet service but we recommend it for online privacy in general.

You can read our review to learn more about the service.  Remember to sign up by Jan. 31st for 2x blocks.