Enjoy Usenet Without a Newsreader

Would you like to download from Usenet but can’t decide on a newsreader or don’t want to bother with a Usenet client at all?  Not a problem.  That’s where Easynews comes in.  They offer a full featured web client.  Unlike traditional newsreaders, the Easynews client runs inside your web browser.  No install necessary.  Just log into their website and enjoy all the benefits of Usenet.  News members also receive a two week free trial.

As you can see above Easynews let’s you search for content across individual groups or all of Usenet.  With a wide range of filter options to help you find the best results.  Once you find your topic of interest Easynews will let you preview and download from within the web browser.  Whether you’re a fan of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera the Easynews service has you covered.  They offer monthly accounts ranging from 20 GB all the way up to 150 GB.  All of which include a 14 day free trial.  Visit Easynews.com to learn more.

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