Usenet-News Lowers Pricing on Block Accounts

For those not already familiar with they are a popular block account provider.  Similar to, block accounts are their specialty.

Along with the pricing updates Usenet-News now offers 600+ days os binary retention and up to 50 connections.

Let’s take a look at Usenet News new pricing on block accounts ranging from 100 GB up to 500 GB.  Also keep in mind that their block accounts are non-expiring so the only limit is the download capacity associated with the block size chosen.

New Usenet-News block plan pricing:

  • 500 GB Block – $52 (previously priced at $65)
  • 200 GB block – $22 (previously priced at $27)
  • 100 GB block – $12 (previously priced at $22)

For more information read our Usenet-News review or visit

Newsgroup Reviews Guide to Usenet Block Accounts

Understanding Usenet block accounts is no easy task as newsgroup providers market them differently.  Learn more about block plans and services that offer non-expiring, yearly and monthly blocks.

To us a block Usenet plan inherently includes a non-expiring block of gigs that you pay for once and use until it is gone.  Then if you choose to do so you can buy another block.  As you are about to see that isn’t always the case.  Some plans defined as “block accounts” expire in a year or even monthly.

When researching and planning for this post we were tempted to just say “don’t buy Usenet block accounts that expire” but we realize that everyone has their own individual needs and an expiring account from provider’s like NewsDemon or Newshosting might be your preference.  So our goal is simply to help you understand each provider’s meaning of a “block account”.

Let’s start with the meaning we think of for block Usenet access which is non-expiring blocks of downloads.  We’ve also seen them called pay-per-download plans.

Here are a few Usenet services that offer non-expiring Usenet block accounts:


Astraweb defines blocks as pay-by-download plans.  They clearly define them as having no expiration date.  They also don’t count headers toward your download limit and offer free posting.  Astraweb blocks include 633 days binary retention, 50 connections and free SSL encryption.  Astraweb block accounts options include 180 GB for $25 and 25 GB for $10.  Read our Astraweb review for more details.

BlockNews offers Usenet blocks with no expiration date and free posting.  The service boasts 610 days binary retention, 50 connections and free SSL encryption.  Block plans include 200 GB for $25 and 25 GB for $8.50.  Read our BlockNews review for more details.

Usenet-News block accounts include no time limit and free posting.  The service offers 550 days binary retention and free SSL.  Usenet-News block account options include 200 GB for $27 and 30 GB for $10.  Read our Usenet-News review for more details.

Next comes Usenet block accounts that expire annually.  NewsDemon appears to be the only provider currently offering annual block plans.

NewsDemon offers yearly block accounts that automatically renew at the end of the year or when you hit the download limit based on the block purchased.  Depending on your needs you might also consider their NGR special which includes 150 GB of downloads a month for $8.95.


NewsDemon block plans have a one year time limit and autorenew when either the year ends of downloads are used up.  The service offers 600 days binary retention and 50 connections with all block accounts.  SSL encryption is available for $2 with any block.  NewsDemon Usenet block accounts include 200 GB for $32.00 and 25 GB for $10.00.  Read our NewsDemon review for more details.

Other Usenet providers including Newshosting and Red Dot News advertise block accounts that expire monthly.  We would normally define these types of accounts as “metered Usenet plans” or “limited” accounts since they are limited to a specified number of GB each month.  One difference in the Newshosting BigBlock is the unused gigs are rolled over to the next month which is a nice feature.  Newshosting also offers a special on unlimited Usenet for $15.95.  We would suggest paying the extra $1 a month for unlimited Usenet over the BigBlock option.

Let’s take a closer look at some block accounts that are billed monthly:


The Newshosting BigBlock account renews monthly  The plan offers 600 days binary retention, 30 connections, free SSL encryption and rollover gigs.  Meaning any gigs you don’t use one month are added to the next months downloads.  The BigBlock account includes 125 GB for $14.95 a month.  Read our Newshosting review for more details.

Red Orb News

Red Orb News block accounts renew monthly.  They do not include a rollover option so you either use or lose the downloads each month.  Red Orb News offers 600 days binary retention, 20 connections and free  SSL encryption.  Monthly block plans include 75 GB for $12.99 and 30 GB for $8.99.  Read our Red Orb News review for more details.

In conclusion make sure to read the terms of any Usenet account.  Whether it’s a free trial, unlimited access, metered or block account.  Visit our Usenet block accounts page for a comprehensive list of block plans.