Useblock Launches With 50% Off Block Accounts

A new Usenet provider (Useblock) recently launched at  The newsgroup service offers block accounts and is powered by AstiNews, a German Usenet provider that offers speed-capped unlimited plans.  Useblock offers 600 days of binaries and free 256-bit SSL encryption.  They are currently offering a 50% off special to celebrate the block Usenet service launch.  Use coupon code: UBTwttr to save 50% off any order.

Useblock offers block Usenet accounts.  With a few differences between their block plans and other block Usenet providers.  One is the expiration.  While other providers like NewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect, Usenet-News, BlockNews offer non-expiring block accounts, Useblock let’s you choose a date 1-12 months in the future for expiration.  With your choice impacting the price.  Along with choosing a maximum speed and block account size.  Having a choice of expiration date is nice.  An option for “non-expiring” would also be helpful.

This is an interesting concept as Useblock is the first provider we’ve seem break down block prices.  First a perspective customer chooses the desired size for the block (amount of downloads), then speed (between 2 Mbit and 120 Mbit) and finally the expiration date (between a month and a year).  All three factors go into the price of the block account.  You also have an option of Multi IP which allows you to connect from more than one IP address simultaneously.  A nice feature that we’ve seen offered with block accounts.