Newsleecher SuperSearch Now Supports 850 Days

Newsleecher released a new version of their popular newsreader (Newsleecher v4.0 Beta 18).  With the update comes a significant bump in SuperSearch binary retention.  Now you can search up to 850 days of posts inside SuperSearch.  The service is normally offered along with the newsreader for $2.99 a month or an annual membership.  However, Newsleecher is offering free access to the new SuperSearch update for the next couple weeks.  All you have to do is download version 4 beta 18 or newer release.

Here is an exert from the v4 Beta 18 release notes:

This beta release connects to a brand new, and much improved, SuperSearch service engine. The new engine currently runs with 850 days of retention in the General category and more than 300 days of retention in the Erotica category, including all the* groups.  Just like the old engine, the new engine supports true wildcard searching, and still uses the same Google-like syntax for searching. Note that advanced search features, such as specific Poster / Group searching haven’t been enabled yet. Also, because the engine is brand new, it might contain bugs which will be corrected as fast as possible.

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