SABnzbd 0.7.0 Pre-Download Check

June 13, 2012 update – SABnzbd released version 0.7.0 final.  Visit to learn more and download the new 0.7.0 release.  Continue reading our post to learn about a key new features in SABnzbd 0.7.0.

Those who follow the development of SABnzbd closely are enjoying the latest SABnzbd 0.7.0 beta.  The new beta 3 version was released last week.  The client has a number of new features including a completion checker.  The official name is pre-download check and the purpose is similar to the NZB Completion Checker app.  Checking for completion before downloading can save you a lot of time and frustration.  The new feature is experimental.  You can learn more about SABnzbd 0.7.0 beta 3 and find the download link here.

Here’s some more info on the new pre-download check feature directly from the SABnzbd wiki:

Pre-download check (Experimental)

If you are hit by frequent incomplete and non-repairable downloads and worry about wasted time, bandwidth or quota, there’s the pre-check.
Before downloading, SABnzbd will check if enough articles are available on the server.
Note that this an experimental feature, with the following issues:

  • The pre-download check takes some time, but much less than a (failed) download.
  • SABnzbd calculates the balance between missing articles and available par2 file. However it’s not possible to make a 100% accurate prediction

If you turn on this feature (Config->Switches), it will be used for all new jobs that enter the queue. When something in the queue is being pre-checked, the mouse-over will show “Status: Checking”. Note that during this phase, the download speed shown by SABnzbd will be low (for example “7 kB/s”), and thus the ETA will be very high. You should ignore the high ETA.
When a pre-download check fails, the job will go to History with a message like “Download would not be successful, only 99.5% available “in red. You can click Retry if you want to download anyway.

As the pre-download check feature description explains, SABnzbd will attempt to determine completion and whether or not there are enough PAR2 files to fill in the gaps.  The process isn’t perfect but we cheer the addition of the new feature.  While NZBcc is a great app, having similar functionality built into your client is a big plus.

With close to 4 million downloads SABnzbd is easily the most popular free Usenet browser ever released.  You’ll find that most people either love or hate it.  Those with technical backgrounds appreciate all the features, options and add-ons available.  While some find the client confusing.  If you’re new to SABnzbd give it some time.  Check out their user manual and rely on other users in the forum when needed.  SABnzbd has a very active and growing community around it.  Then after you get comfortable take a look at all the great add-ons.

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