SABnzbd 0.5.2 Final Release : Download Available Now

On May 2nd SABnzbd version 0.5.2 final was released.  The web-based newsreader is open source and can be downloaded for free at  If you enjoy the Usenet client please consider donating to the project either monetarily or by providing feedback for bug fixes or technical support.

Here are the SABnzbd 0.5.2 release notes directly from their forum post:

– Add total-size fields to API-call History.
– Auto-search for free port when specified port is occupied
– Improve reporting of newzbin errors
– Keep trying when receiving garbage from
– Remember end-of-queue action for next end-of-queue

Bug fixes:
– Large queue caused very slow UI and high memory usage
– Some very large rar sets failed to unpack
– garbled emails were sent
– Python user scripts now run properly on OSX
– SeasonSort could produce trailing spaces in paths, which fail on Windows
– Unpacking errors not properly reported to user script
– API: &nzbname= was ignored for some sites
– API: Server rename did not work properly
– Some updates to Danish texts

Already solved in 0.5.1 (never reached “Final”)

– TV Season sort now has “affected categories” too.
– When detecting an unsupported unrar on Posix systems, drop unsupported features
(This may lead to files being lost when duplicate names exist.)
– When using only manual newzbin bookmark reading, allow automatic un-bookmarking
– Duplicate title checking in RSS is now done across all feeds
– Accept comma-separated list of recipients for email notifications
– Allow manual retry of URL-based NZB fetches when a bad NZB is received
– Add INI-file option “size_limit” that sets any oversized job to paused and low priority.
– Added French translation of email template
– Added Danish translation

Bug fixes:
– Fixed problems that could lead to an infinite unpacking loop
(when using a “sick” NZB and using +U instead of +D postprocessing)
– Fixed issues with accented characters in NZB names when using RSS
– Fixed issues with accented characters in category folder names when using RSS
– Plush: fix nzo range selection when clicking checkboxes
– Sorting examples were sometimes wrong
– Sorting couldn’t handle some pattern combinations
– Fixed priority handling for RSS feeds and newzbin bookmarks
– Fixed crash occuring when user profile contains characters outside ISO-8859-1
– Allow nzb-backup folder field to be cleared
– Fixed several translation errors and omissions
– Keep Windows awake during post-processing of last job (while queue is already empty)

Download location on

Take a look at our SABnzbd 0.5.0 post to learn more about the newsreader.