NzbLord Beta Review : Web-Based NZB Downloader

We recently had the opportunity to test a new Usenet service.  Actually we’ve tested a few in the last couple weeks and today we’re going to talk about a unique new service called Nzblord.  The project is currently in beta so we expected some issues.  To our surprise we were able to easily download a Ubuntu distro via their web interface within minutes.  The 760 MB archive took about 15 minutes to queue and download.

For those new to Nzblord the Usenet service is like a bare-bones Easynews.  Without many of the features of Easynews.  Yet NzbLord does a fine job of completing its task.  Which is simply to download based on the NZB files you feed it.  All without the need for a newsreader.

Once you’ve signed up for an nzblord account and logged in you can simply upload an nzb file from your computer, enter in a URL to the nzb or paste the nzb contents.  Once NzbLord had our request the process of preparing the archive began immediately as shown below.

The process of preapring our Ubuntu file took less than a minute to complete.  After NzbLord was finished we drilled down into the file as shown below.  After reviewing the parts we clicked on the “Download all files in ZIP” which in turn brought up another screen.  After a few seconds of preparation we were prompted to download the completed file through Firefox.  The download took about 10 minutes to finish.

Once the ZIP file was downloaded we extracted the contents and tested for completion with the included PAR files.  The Ubuntu distrobution was 100% complete.  Without any need for repair.  The archive was around 450 days old and took around 20 minutes to find the nzb file, queue in nzblord, download and extract.

We enjoyed testing the new NzbLord beta and look forward to seeing what other features they might add as the beta progresses.  While newsreader downloads are faster the nzblord project gets kudos for their ease of use.  Here’s a list of accounts along with free trial details for anyone interested in giving Nzblord a try.  NzbLord has also provided us with a coupon code.  To save 10% use discount code: A007-1111-MU125791GU

Take a look at NzbLord and let us know what you think of the beta – @NewsgroupRevs