Newshosting Special – NHXL Powerpack $15.95/mo.

Newshosting is currently offering a 20% lifetime discount on their NHXL Powerpack account.  Normally $19.95 a month, you can enjoy all the features of the NHXL Powerpack plan for $15.95 a month for the life of your account.

Newshosting NHXL Powerpack accounts include unlimited Usenet access, over 580 days of binary retention and growing, over 1,000 days of text retention, 99%+ completion rate across more than 100,000 newsgroups, news servers located in both the United States and Amsterdam, up to 60 simultaneous connections and free 256-bit SSL encryption.  Read our Newshosting NHXL Powerpack review for more details.

Newshosting Offers NH Titan Plan : Unlimited 1.5 Mbps

The team over at Newshosting just added a new tool to their arsenal.  The NH Titan plan.  The new account offers unlimited Usenet access at 1.5 Mbps, 576 days of binary retention and up to 6 connections for $12.95 a month.

Let’s compare the NH Titan plan to another speed-capped offering:

Newshoting NH Titan
– Monthly cost: $12.95-$14.95
– 576 days binary retention
– unlimited Usenet access
– 1.5 Mbps speed cap
– up to 6 connections
– SSL available for $2 a month

Binverse Galaxy
– Monthly cost: $13.99
– 500 days binary retention
– 30 GB unlimited speed
– unlimited 1 Mbps speed cap
– up to 12 connections
– SSL included

Each plan has some advantages over the other.  For the NH Titan account we like that the capped speed is higher – 1.5 mbps vs. 1 mbps.  However, in comparing the NH Titan account to the current Newshosting special (NHXL Powerpack for $15.95 a month) we would pay the extra couple dollars and go with NHXL which includes unlimited speed, up to 60 connections and free SSL encryption.

If you would like to try the new NH Titan account Newshosting is offering a 14 day free trial.  To learn more about the service read our Newshosting review.


Related press release from Newshosting:

Newshosting adds new plan, continues incredible special

ASHBURN, VA, April 1, 2010 – Newshosting, the world’s leading provider of premium Usenet newsgroup access, today unveiled Newshosting Titan, a plan that gives subscribers unlimited transfers at 1.5 megabits per second along with a full 30 connections for just $12.95. Subscribers can also choose to add 256 bit SSL encryption to this plan for just a mere two dollars more.

On top of this exciting change, Newshosting is extending their amazing March special into April. For three dollars more than the new Titan plan, customers can sign up for Newshosting NHXL Powerpack, which offers unlimited transfers, free SSL and 60 connections, the highest number of simultaneous connections available in the industry. This offer isn’t just a one month deal, either. Sign up for Newshosting Powerpack in April and keep the amazing $15.95 per month price for the lifetime of your account!

Newshosting invites all new customers to experience the enhanced NHXL Powerpack account with a 14 day free Usenet trial.