: NGR Top 10 Usenet Provider

As most of you know NewsgroupReviews (NGR) is always in transition.  With frequent updates to keep up with changes in the industry and our visitors interests.  The latest site update saw an addition to our “Top 10 Usenet Providers” list –  We’ve been a fan of Ngroups for a long time.  Especially since they added free personal online storage to the service last Fall.  We’re excited to have Ngroups in our top 10 providers list and thankful to the Ngroups team for offering NGR visitors a special discount – $9.99 unlimited Usenet + storage.

The $9.99 price is only one of the reasons Ngroups made the latest edition of our “Top 10 Usenet Providers” list.  There are several low priced Usenet services out there but quality and features vary quite a bit.  I think you’ll find that Ngroups offers a wide array of features for the price.

Starting with retention (since that seems to be where people focus first).  Ngroups currently supports 1,060+ days of binary retention and growing daily.  The Usenet features include free SSL, up to 60 connections and news servers in the United States and Europe.  Then you add free unlimited online storage.  Better yet Ngroups partnered with Livedrive to provide the storage, a leader in that industry.  Livedrive alone is worth $7.95 a month.  We enjoy the service quite a bit.  See our Ngroups storage review for more details.

Ngroups offers two unlimited Usenet accounts – Unlimited Eco and Unlimited Extra.  The only difference being number of connections.  With Unlimited Eco having 30 and Unlimited Extra with 60.  To give you some idea we tested the Ngroups service with 15 connections and easily maxed our 25 Mbps Internet connection.  So for most people the Unlimited Eco plan is plenty.  Not to mention the $9.99 price tag for NGR visitors.

Read our Ngroups review to learn more about the service or sign up for the NGR special and enjoy unlimited Usenet access + free Livedrive online storage for $9.99 a month.

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