Help with Newzxxx Connection Issues – IE and Chrome

It appears users are having trouble connecting to  If the issue is affecting you the quickest and easiest fix is to use Firefox.  According to a related newzbin message the problem is a result of upgrading the software on a secure server.  The result has been timeout issues when trying to connect to from Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

While I’m sure MrWhite and crew will find a solution the quick fix is to use Firefox.  We use lots of browsers for testing including Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari, and Opera.  Doing so has left us with a clear bias toward Firefox.  Far fewer compatibility and reliability issues than most browsers.

Enough for our Firefox pitch.  If you want to search Usenet with Internet Explorer or Chrome and are getting a timeout error when connecting to newzxxx try to flush and then renew your local DNS.

Step 1  – Flush local DNS

ipconfig /flushdns

Step 2 – Renew local DNS

ipconfig /registerdns

Did it work?  If not give it a few minutes and try again.  If all else fails launch Firefox and enjoy!