NewsLeecher Christmas Theme in v5 Beta 8

The latest edition of NewsLeecher – Version 5 Beta 8 – has a new Christmas theme.  The xmas theme is cool.  With snow dropping from the top of the page.  We dig it.  Those who prefer another look can disable the theme.  We look forward to future NewsLeecher themes.  Newsleecher customers can grab the latest beta directly from the NewsLeecher download page.  Those new to the Usenet client can download a 14 day free trial.

The xmas theme is just one of the new features in the latest NewsLeecher beta.  Here’s a full list of changes directly from the NewsLeecher history log:

NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 8
Release Date: 2011-11-16 17:42:31

*: ---------------------------------------------------------------
   -- Larger Change - Redesigned User Interface -- ---------------
   The graphical user interface in NewsLeecher has been changed
   quite a bit, to make the application more streamlined.
+: Implemented an xmas theme for NewsLeecher. The animated
   snow, that is part of the theme, can be turned off via this
   Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Theme Animations Allowed
   This, and future themes, can be turned off complete from:
   Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Theme Allowed
+: The Repair & Extract Destination Manager can now also match
   PAR2 set names against group names, to decide the destination
   folder for extraced archives.
+: Implemented a GUI compact mode feature, that, when enabled,
   will resize some of the toolbars in NewsLeecher, so they take
   up less space on screen. Can be accessed via settings:
   Settings -> Adv. Nerdy Tweaks -> GUI Compact Mode
*: Vastly reduced the CPU cycles used by NewsLeecher, when lots
   of sets were present in the Repair & Extract view.

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