NewsLeecher Version 5 Beta 7 Released

NewsLeecher released a new beta of their popular Usenet client on October 24th.  Since then we’ve had a chance to run it through the paces and enjoy some of the new features.  The version 5 beta 7 release includes some cool new features like ‘Repair & Extract Destination Manager’.  Along with ‘SuperSearch It’ for quick, refined searches.  Grab the latest version 5, beta 7 release from the NewsLeecher download page.

Stay tuned as we’ll share our impressions of the new NewsLeecher features along with screenshots and more detailed information later this week.  In the meantime download the new beta and let us know what you think.  Here’s a full list of features in v5 beta 7 from the NewsLeecher release log:

NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 7
Release Date: 2011-10-24 13:00:05
+: ---------------------------------------------------------------
   -- Larger Feature Addition - R&E Destination Manager -- -------
   A new feature named "Repair & Extract Destination Manager" has
   been implemented. This feaure makes it possible to tell
   Repair & Extract where to extract specific downloaded articles,
   based on customizable keywords matched against the articles
   subjects. The feature replaces the current settings used to
   specify where R&E should extract archives, but we've tried to
   make it backward compatible, so your R&E extract settings
   remain intact, until you decide to change them through the
   newly implemented manager.
+: ---------------------------------------------------------------
   --[ Larger Feature Addition - SuperSearch It ] ----------------
   A new feature named SuperSearch It, has been implemented for
   all tab views in NewsLeecher. The feature makes it very fast
   and easy to use SuperSearch for searching specific groups,
   article subjects and poster names. The feature also makes
   it very fast to browse entire groups through SuperSearch,
   without having to fetch headers for the specific group.
   Feature can be accessed by the 'Flash Icon' buttons, or
   the F4 keyboard shortcut.
+: Implemented an option to completely hide the 'Posting View',
   when no articles are queued to be posted. The option can be
   turned on / off from by clicking the button, right-most on
   the transfer queues toolbar.
*: We have begun to convert various code parts used in
   NewsLeecher, in preparation to port the application to Mac OS
   X. Note that these are *very* *very* early conversion tasks. A
   fully funtional NewsLeecher OS X port still lies quite a while
   into the future.
*: Visual interface consistency improvements have been
*: Smaller improvements here and there.

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