NewsLeecher 5 : SuperSearch Watchdog Feature

NewsLeecher is quickly rolling out new features in their version 5 beta releases.  One of the recent enhancements caught our attention.  Along with many other Usenet fans we enjoy NewsLeecher’s SuperSearch feature.  Now NewsLeecher is raising the bar with a new SuperSearch Watchdog feature.

As you can see in the image above SuperSearch let’s you search across up to 1,050 days of retention.  Not that anyone supports that many days yet but it won’t be long.  What caught our eye was the new Watchdog feature.  Here’s an explanation of the cool new addition from the NewsLeecher v5.0 Beta 2 release notes:

   << Major Feature Addition - SuperSearch Watchdog >>
   The SuperSearch Watchdog feature automatically spots freshly
   indexed article collections in your SuperSearch search results.
   "Freshly indexed" means that the article collections were
   indexed by the SuperSearch indexer *after* your prior
   similar SuperSearch search was performed. The purpose of the
   watchdog feature, is to make it very easy to locate the
   SuperSearch article results you haven't already browsed.

Cheers to the team at NewsLeecher for adding the cool new feature.  We also enjoyed the new tabbed user interface and look forward to future enhancements.  Read our NewsLeecher review to learn more about the Usenet client or download a 14 day free trial and test out the new Watchdog feature for yourself.


NewsLeecher Version 4.0 Final Released for Download

Newsleecher just announced that version 4 is final.  Those who didn’t try the beta version are in for some nice surprises.  Both in client features and functionality.  Along with SuperSearch updates.  NewsLeecher V4.0 final is available for download at  Current customers can download version 4 free.  Those new to the Usenet client can try it free for 14 days.

We’re happy to see NL v 4.0 go final and more excited to hear that NewsLeecher version 5 is already in development.  With a renewed commitment to future releases we’re excited to see what innovative features will be in the upcoming V5.0 betas.

For those new to NewsLeecher definitely check out the free 14 day trial and don’t forget about the SuperSearch feature.  While there are some very good Usenet search sites we appreciate the convenience of NL’s SuperSearch.

Stay tuned for more information on the NewsLeecher V5.0 beta releases.  In the meantime if you want to learn more about NewsLeecher V4.0 and SuperSearch here’s a link to the release notes covering the final and all 24 beta releases.