NewsgroupDirect September Terabyte Tuesday

The NewsgroupDirect Terabyte Tuesday promotion couldn’t come at a better time for those who need a block of Usenet.  Whether as a primary account, a backup or for fills.  Regardless the NGD Terabyte Tuesday special will take care of many users needs.  Those unfamiliar with the promotion will want to check it out today because the deal runs for 2 days.  With a new promotion running every so often.  Sign up by midnight and enjoy a 1 TB block of Usenet access for just $38.  That’s 62% off NewsgroupDirect’s regular price of $100 for the block.

The Terabyte Tuesday special comes with 1 TB of non-expiring Usenet access.  So if you’re usage is light you can enjoy the block for a long time without incurring additional costs.  NewsgroupDirect offers some 1,850 days of binary retention along with 50 connections for block members.  Remember to sign before 12 am EST on September 12 to take advantage of the Terabyte Tuesday promotion.  If you think the deal is a good one then please also consider helping spread the word on Twitter by using hash tag #TBTuesday.

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