NGD Holiday Block Sale

NewsgroupDirect (NGD) is ringing in the holiday season and new year with a block deal for new and existing members.  You can pick up a huge 2 TB block account by 12 AM EST on January 5, 2014 and save 70% off the regular price of $200.  Pay just $60 for 2 terabytes of non-expiring Usenet access.  NGD is also offering a one terabyte block account for $40 during the sale.  Visit for more details.

NGD Holiday Sale

NewsgroupDirect typically sells their 2 TB blocks for $200.  During their Holiday Block Sale you can save $140 which is 70% off the normal price.  Block accounts from NGD are non-expiring so you can use the 2 TB block until it’s depleted.  NewsgroupDirect has news servers in the United States and Europe.  With support for SSL and up to 50 simultaneous connections allowed.  The offer is open to new and existing members.

How do block Usenet accounts work?

  • Blocks are different than unlimited accounts.  Most users are very familiar with unlimited plans meaning you can use the service as much as you want for a given monthly fee.  Blocks are different.  You are only billed once and receive a “block” of Usenet downloads.  In this case 2 TB of access to NewsgroupDirect.  Rather than being charged monthly you can enjoy the block until all 2 TB is used up.

Need more than one 2 TB block?  Strong!  If so NewsgroupDirect will let you pick up multiple blocks during the holiday deal.  We use a block account for fills and backup purposes.  Our block is much smaller though.  You will also receive a discount offer from GhostPath which provides personal VPN access around the world.