NewsgroupDirect July Terabyte Tuesday + iPad Giveaway

Today is the day.  Newsgroupdirect is running another Terabyte Tuesday special.  The sale runs from 12 AM EST on July 12 until 12 AM EST on July 13.  So if you didn’t sign up in time last month you have another chance to get 50% off a 1 terabyte block account.  The price is $50 instead of the normal $100.  Which works out to just five cents a gig.  We highly recommend a block along with unlimited Usenet access.  Blocks are great backup accounts and good for occasional fills.  NewsgroupDirect is also giving away an iPad 2 and 10 NGD t-shirts.

In addition to the great Terabyte Tuesday block special, NewsgroupDirect is offering visitors the opportunity to be notified early of future Terabyte Tuesday events.  They have put together a mailing list just for that purpose.  In addition those who sign up will have the chance to win an iPad 2 or one of 10 NGD t-shirts.  According to the NGD blog post “Winners will be chosen at random and notified about 48 hours after the sale ends”.

Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more about their Usenet services or visit NewsgroupDirect to take advantage of the Terabyte Tuesday deal and sign up for your chance to win an iPad 2 or NGD t-shirt..