NewsgroupDirect December Terabyte Tuesday

With Christmas only two weeks away what better time to pick up some extra Usenet fun with a block account.  NewsgroupDirect is celebrating their Terabyte Tuesday promotion by offering everyone the chance to save by picking up a 1 terabyte Usenet block for just $40.  That’s 60% off the regular $100 price for a non-expiring block.  To take advatage of the deal you’ll want to sign up today because Terabyte Tuesday expires at midnight.

You can join NewsgroupDirect’s mailing list to learn about future offers like their Terabyte Tuesday promotion.  In addition NewsgroupDirect is partnering with GhostPath to get their members a discount on VPN access.  Including block users.  Enjoy unlimited VPN for just $6 a month.  A good way to improve your online privacy.

What does NewsgroupDiret include in their Terabyte Tuesday deal?  You start off with a full terabyte block of Usenet downloads.  The block is non-expiring so you can enjoy it until the entire 1 TB is used up.  NGD offers news servers in the U. S. and Europe.  With 50 connections and SSL encryption.  They currently support around 1,580 days of binary retention and growing.  Along with the discount on personal VPN access.

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