NewsgroupDirect Blocktober Special

NewsgroupDirect is running another great special this month.  You might recall they ran their popular Terabyte Tuesday offer a couple weeks ago on October 11th.  Now they are offering an even better deal.  New and existing members can pick up a 1 TB block plus a 10% bonus (so 1.1 TB + 10% bonus for headers) for just $50.  Visit before 12 AM EST Oct. 26th to take advantage of their Blocktober special.

The blocktober deal is a very good value.  With 1.1 Terabyte blocks for just $50.  That works out to less than 5 cents a gig.  Which is more than 50% off their normal pricing.  Also remember that NewsgroupDirect block accounts are non-expiring so you can take as long as you’d like to use up the downloads.  We also highly recommend block accounts for fills and as a backup.  In addition to a cheap unlimited Usenet account.

Remember to sign up for the NewsgroupDirect Blocktober promotion before midnight.  As the special is only running today – October 25, 2011.  As of midnight EST the deal will end and the price will go back to $100 for a 1 TB block.  Also if you sign up for NGD’s mailing list you could win a $500 Amazon gift card.

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