NGD Terabyte Tuesday – June 7 – Save 50% Off 1 TB Blocks

Newsgroupdirect is running another Terabyte Tuesday special today.  So if you missed out on the offer last time around here’s another chance to get a 1 terabyte block account for 50% off.  Bringing the price to $50.  Which works out to $0.05 a gig.  At five cents a GB no one else comes close to matching their price on block accounts.  The Terabyte Tuesday event is a one-day sale on 1 TB block accounts.  So make sure to sign up Tuesday, June 7th to get the special 50% discount.  Because on June 8th the price will go back to $100.

According to the NGD blog post, Terabyte Tuesday will run a few Tuesday’s each year and give everyone the opportunity to save 50% off 1 terabyte block accounts.  That’s quite a value considering the price is down to a nickel a gig.  Newsgroupdirect offers reliable Usenet services and additional online storage options.  They have been in our top 10 Usenet providers list for years and continue to deliver a wide variety of Usenet accounts.  With solid service and support.  If you’re looking for a block this is a great deal.  Read our NewsgroupDirect review to learn more about the service or visit NewsgroupDirect to take advantage of the Terabyte Tuesday deal.