NewsDemon Announces 650 Days of Binary Retention

On September 1st NewsDemon announced they are offering 650 days of binary retention.  Regardless of plan type subscribers now receive 50 days of extra retention.

NewsDemon offers a number of extra features and special offers for NGR visitors.  We have written about each at length in previous posts. Here is a list of what you can expect from NewsDemon along with links to more details.

NewsDemon Usenet features:
– $10.95/mo. unlimited for life! (Demon Deal)
– Bonus of 14 free days your first month (Details)
– Free 7 day, 15 GB trial + Demon deal (Details)
– Free 30 GB of online storage via StorageNinja (Details)
– Free licensed newsreader (News Rover)
– Free SSL encryption
– 650 days of binary retention
– 1,400 days of text retention
– 99%+ completion rate
– 100,000+ newsgroups
– 50 concurrent connections
– News servers in the US and Europe
– 24/7 tech support

Read our NewsDemon review to learn more about the service or sign up for the Demon Deal ($10.95 unlimited Usenet) and enjoy!


Here is the official announcement from the NewsDemon Blog: Newsgroups has completed another milestone now offering 650 days of binary retention for all members.

All monthly and block account subscribers of Newsgroups automatically have access to the complete 650 days of binary retention.

The new increase in binary retention is relative to how long a binary or text file is available on newsgroups. Now, 650 days of history on newsgroups can now be accessed by all Newsgroup members. Additionally, over 1400 days of text retention is also available. These new features are free of charge and part of any of the Newsgroup plans. Newsgroups continues to extend forward on providing extended features for all its members. Committed to providing superior service and exceptional support to the Usenet community and its members, Newsgroups is proud to offer affordable premium access to over 107,000 newsgroups at blazing speeds.