Help Fixing Usenet News Server Connectivity Issues

It can be very frustrating when you pick up the phone, turn on the TV or try to hit the Internet and have issues.  The same holds true for Usenet service but there are a few simple steps you can take to fix common news server problems.

Here are 7 easy steps to help troubleshoot news server connectivity issues:

1. Confirm login information – if this is your first time trying to login then make sure you follow the provider’s setup instructions.  This normally consists of an email with username, password, news server addresses and ports. Visit our newsreader guides section for help setting up popular Usenet clients.

2. Confirm the news server address – some Usenet providers will use a single news server address and dynamically connect to the fastest server farm.  Others will provide different addresses based on location and whether or not you connect via SSL.

3. Confirm the port number – this is where a lot of people get confused.  When connecting to newsgroup servers you specify both a news server and port.  The port number is very important. Default port numbers are 119 (standard) and 563 for SSL connections. We offer a news server address / port list to help in this effort.

4. Test the news server connection – you can use a tool like Simple Little Usenet Test to test the connectivity to your Usenet provider.  The tool is simple to use and allows you to verify account settings and test basic functions.

5. Analyze error messages – sometimes you can learn a lot from an error message.  Common connectivity issues include failed logins, connecting from multiple IP addresses simultaneously and misconfigured server / port information.

6. Download the latest newsreader updates – make sure you have the latest version of your newsgroup client software. We provide a list of the latest newsreader versions and download information.

7. Ask for help – if you are still unable to connect to the news server then ask your Usenet provider for help.  The email you received after signing up should point you in the right direction.  If not visit their site and look for a support section.

Conclusion – hopefully this list helps you quickly resolve any news server connectivity problems.  If not consider an all-in-one Usenet service.  Some providers offer their own newsreader which simplifies setup.  Especially for those new to Usenet.  For more information on these services along with the latest free trials and special offers visit our Usenet providers section.