Giganews Increases Diamond Price to $34.99

Last year Giganews announced pricing updates.  Including an increase in price for new Diamond members.  With the $29.99 price increasing to $34.99 a month.  The new pricing was put on hold in January.  Giving Giganews time to make improvements to their Mimo Usenet client and add L2TP VPN access.  On April 1st Giganews increased the price of Diamond access to $34.99 a month.  A price we feel most NGR visitors won’t be willing to pay.  In response we will be shifting focus to other leading Usenet providers.

Here is a breakdown of the Giganews offerings.  Note that other pricing changes were initiated last Fall.  The only change that came on April 1st was an increase for new Diamond members.

Here are the details of the changes currently in effect:
Diamond – unlimited Usenet + 50 connections + VyprVPN + Mimo – $34.99
Platinum – unlimited Usenet + SSL + 20 connections – $24.99
Silver – 50 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $14.99
Bronze – 10 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $9.99
Pearl – 5 GB a month + SSL + 20 connections – $4.99

For those willing to accept the $35 price tag we’ll say that Giganews service is exceptional.  We’re just not confident it’s worth the $35 price in comparison to other leading services like UseNetServer and NewsDemon that offer unlimited Usenet with extra features for $10-11 a month.