Giganews Crosses 600 Days of Binary Retention

Giganews just set a new record for binary retention by crossing the 600 day mark with no end in sight.  The service continues to innovate.  Late last year Giganews added a VPN service (VyprVPN) and has since made it free to Diamond customers.

How far will retention go and will Giganews start to pull away from the competition again this year?  One thing we do know – if the count continues to increase on a daily basis Giganews could hit 1,000 days of binary retention on May 4th of next year.

Giganews has led the industry in binary retention for years now.  Those of us around awhile remember when getting access to a month of retention was a huge accomplishment.  Now the challenge is finding search sites that can handle 600 days.

Let’s look at some of the Giganews retention milestones along the road to 600 days:
– December 30, 2003 – 30 days binary retention
– August 8, 2005 – 50 days binary retention
– December 7, 2005 – 70 days binary retention
– April 3, 2006 – 1,000 days text retention
– September 19, 2006 – 90 days binary retention
– February 1, 2007 – 100 days binary retention
– April 12, 2007 – 120 days binary retention
– July 12, 2007 – 200 days binary retention
– September 19, 2008 – 240 days binary retention
– May 9, 2009 – 275 days binary retention
– June 3, 2009 – 300 days binary retention
– August 7, 2009 – 365 days binary retention
– September 11, 2009 – 400 days binary retention
– March 30, 2010 – 600 days binary retention
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According to the last slide on the Giganews home page they have more excitement coming this year.  For now though to learn more about their Usenet services read our Giganews review or sign up for a 14 day free trial.


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Giganews Hits 600 Days of High Quality Retention!

Giganews is proud to announce that we are the first Usenet provider with 600 days of retention! Giganews now provides 600 days of retention with the same high quality and service Giganews customers expect. And we’re still growing! We continue to increase retention to provide Giganews customers with the best Usenet experience available.

Why Giganews Works So Well
We do it because we’re users, too (check out the newsgroup vyprvpn.giganews to see some candid discussions with Giganews employees on VyprVPN). Customers tell us everyday how frustrated they are with other Usenet providers because of poor completion rates and incompletes, especially among older articles. No one wants to deal with that. That’s why we built our service to have the same 100% availability, completeness, and unlimited speed regardless of how old the article is.

How It Works
So how do we do it? It all starts from the bottom up by building and maintaining all the systems for our services ourselves. We don’t outsource or contract this critical aspect of our Usenet service. Instead we’ve built all of our systems ourselves – from the hardware we own, the software we wrote, and the network we built. All this leads to smooth running systems providing the best Usenet experience available today. Plus, with our full time network and datacenter operations staff, we’ve got some very experienced people who make sure the Giganews service is always up and running.

We’ve hit 600 days. 700 here we come.