Which Usenet Provider is the Fastest?

Which Usenet provider is the fastest?  That’s a question we hear often from those comparing newsgroup services.  The answer isn’t cut and dry though as your location, ISP and other factors contribute to which Usenet provider has the fastest download speeds.  That doesn’t mean that all their networks are created equal.  You can expect to see the best speeds out of the large tier-1 providers.  For us Newshosting performs really well.

Just because Newshosting performs great for us doesn’t mean it will automatically be the fastest Usenet service for you as well.  So how do you determine the best performance?  Fortunately several leading providers offer free trials to test their servers before becoming a member.  Here are some of our favorites:

  • Newshosting – 21 day free trial
  • UseNetServer –  14 day free trial
  • Easynews –  14 day free trial
  • NewsDemon – 7 day free trial
  • NewsgroupDirect – 7 day free trial

Visit our free Usenet trials page to learn more about all the free trials available.

Some of you might find that the free trials just aren’t quite enough as most limit the usage to around 10 GB for testing the service.  If you want more time then we suggest you check out our Usenet specials section where you’ll find a number of leading Usenet providers offering unlimited access for under $10 a month.

Here are a few tips for ensuring the best performance when downloading from newsgroups:

  • Use the minimum number of connections needed to reach your desired download speed.
  • Connect to the closest server farm (typically U. S and Europe)
  • Try alternate ports if you think your ISP might be throttling
  • Remember that using SSL will slow your connection a bit

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