Easynews $9.95 Unlimited Usenet + 972 Days Retention

Easynews continues to innovate their popular Usenet service.  Recently increasing NNTP binary retention to 972 days with 99% completion all the way through.  Easynews started the year under 800 days so that in itself is quite an accomplishment.  Now they’ve topped themselves again.

The latest Easynews effort is sure to gain lots of attention.  As they are offering NGR visitors $9.95 unlimited Usenet access.  Their NNTP newsgroup accounts are similar to other leading Usenet providers.  You simply fire up your favorite newsreader and download as much as you want, as fast as you want for $9.95 a month.

The new $9.95 unlimited NNTP account is available via our NGR special page and includes a two week free trial of Easynews web interface.  Definitely take advantage of the free web downloads in addition to unlimited NNTP access.  The Easynews free web interface trial includes two weeks and up to 10 GB of downloads.  At the end of the trial you’ll have the option to upgrade to a web account.  There is no pressure and no additional charge unless you choose to upgrade.  We’re big fans of the web interface as you can read about in our review.

Read our Easynews review to learn more about the service.  New members can sign up for $9.95 unlimited NNTP access and start downloading in minutes.  If you need help getting started visit the Newsreader and Usenet search sections of NGR.  You’ll find information on several Usenet clients and NZB sites along with helpful tips and guides to help you get started.

Easynews Offers 1,000 Unlimited NNTP Accounts

For the first time ever Easynews is offering unlimited NNTP accounts.  Today they announced that the first 1,000 new and existing customers that upgrade their account can enjoy unlimited NNTP Usenet access for $9.95 a month.  They also announced an increase from 30 to 40 GB of web Usenet access for Easynews Plus customers.

Here are the details from the Easynews press release:

Easynews, the world’s original web-based Usenet site, announced that for the first time in Easynews history, subscribers will be able to enhance their account with an Unlimited NNTP option for $9.95 per month. This unprecedented offer is limited to the first 1000 new or existing customers that upgrade their account with Unlimited NNTP starting April 1st. Customers will not only get the benefits of unlimited NNTP downloading paired with the powerful web-based newsgroup browser they already enjoy, but they will be able to keep this unbelievable price and service for the life of the account!

The news doesn’t stop there, however. Current Easynews Plus customers will receive a permanent 10GB per month upgrade of their account for no additional fee. Easynews will now offer new customers their Plus account with 40 gigs instead of 30 for the same low price of $14.97 per month.

This special closely follows the unveiling of the all new Easynews website. Subscribers now enjoy an all new look and feel, with optimized content, tutorial videos, an improved and intuitive support section and much more! This upgrade, paired with a stream of constant enhancements, offers an unbeatable Usenet experience for Easynews subscribers—Usenet that is seamless, faster and more intuitive than ever before.

Register now to upgrade your Usenet experience with Easynews!

Visit Easynews for more details or to sign up.