Easynews 100 Gig / 14 Day Free Trial : Summer Special

We’ve been raving about the new Easynews web interface since the first beta release.  Have you tried it out yet?  If not now is the perfect time.  Enjoy a 100 gig / 14 day free trial of Easynews.  Simply sign up by August 1st and enjoy your first 14 days (and up to 100 GB of downloads) free of charge.  An excellent opportunity to test out the new web interface as well as Easynews NNTP access.  Both of which are included with the free trial.

The Easynews Summer Special includes up to 100 gig of free downloads over 14 days.  In addition to:

  • The free trial special applies to all web accounts.  Meaning you can enjoy the 100 GB of free downloads with any of the Easynews web plans (Classic, Plus and Big Gig).  In the past the trial was only available with Classic accounts.
  • The free trial special includes access to the web interface and Easynews NNTP servers.  For those unfamiliar with the difference the NNTP servers provide the fastest downloads but require a newsreader.  While you can enjoy the ease of using the web interface with your favorite web browser or mobile device.

The Easynews Summer Special ends August 1st so make sure to sign up before then.  Easynews normally offers a 10 gig free trial which is average for the industry.  The 100 gig / 14 day free trial promotion is an excellent opportunity to test all facets of the service.  Both the ease of the web interface and quality of their NNTP access.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the special Easynews free trial:

  • Make sure to sign up for the Easynews 100 Gig free trial by August 1st.
  • Log in at Easynews.com and jump right into the new web interface.
    • Run Easyboost to maximize your speed
    • Try a few Basic Searches.  Then take a look at the Advanced Search features.
    • View some images, sample some audio and video files, stream some content.
    • Test out the Easynews Zip Manager.
    • Check out the Easynews mobile apps.  We especially like using EZ Global Search for iPad / iPhone
  • Have a favorite Usenet client?  If so fire it up and point to one of these news server addresses:
    • secure.news.easynews.com (SSL) – ports 563, 443, 8080
    • news.easynews.com (non-SSL) – ports 119, 21, 22, 80
    • Multiple ports given in case your ISP throttles ports 563 or 119
    • You can use up to 20 simultaneous connections
  • For ease of use choose the Easynews web interface.  With web browser and mobile access.  Expect between 150 and 200+ days of binary retention depending on the account you choose.  The Classic plan supports 150 days while Plus and Big Gig support 200+ days of binaries.
  • The Easynews NNTP news servers will provide the best download speeds.  With over 1,000 days of binary retention and free SSL encryption.  If you’re looking for a newsreader Newsbin Pro offers a 10 day free trial download.  Free options include SABnzbd, Binreader and GrabIt.
  • If you’d like some additional help searching for newsgroup content check out our Usenet search engine section or visit a leading NZB site like Binsearch or Nzbmatrix.
  • If you have any questions while getting started with Easynews web interface or NNTP servers visit their support center.  Easynews offers live online support.  With a toll-free number for those in the US.

Hope you enjoy the Easynews special.  I think you’ll be quite happy with the quality of the web interface and NNTP access.  Don’t forget to sign up before August 1st to take advantage of the 100 gig / 14 day free trial.