BlockNews 100 GB for $8.99 Block Special

BlockNews is currently offering new and existing members a special discount on 100 GB Usenet blocks.  Instead of the normal price of $14.69 you can snag the 100 GB block for just $8.99.  The discount is limited to the first 1,150 accounts purchased as Blocknews is celebrating 1,150 days of binary retention.  Those interested in the deal will want to sign up via their special page.  Members can look inside the account center.

At $8.99 it’s hard to beat the BlockNews 100 GB deal.  As it works out to just under 9 cents a gig.  The monthly Terabyte Tuesday special from NewsgroupDirect is the only block promotion we’ve seen for less.  As they offer 1 TB blocks for $50.  Which works out to just 5 cents a gig.  The BlockNews special is on a smaller block though so you don’t have to tie up $50.  Enjoy 1,150 days of binaries, free SSL and 50 connections.

For those new to block Usenet access always make sure you look to see if the provider sets an expiration date on the block.  In the case of BlockNews they don’t.  All Blocknews accounts are non-expiring.  Meaning you can keep the unused gigs as long as you’d like.  Most block providers offer non-expiring accounts now but still look closely.  As some get confused between metered monthly accounts and non-expiring blocks.

If you enjoy Blocknews and would like an unlimited account the same team operates UseNetNow.  Which kindly offers NGR visitors unlimited Usenet access with 1,150 days of binary retention, free SSL encryption, 50 connections and US / EU news servers for just $10.39 a month.  You can read our UseNetNow review to learn more about the service or visit DSLR and see how much their members appreciate their efforts.

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