Best Deals on Block Usenet Plans

It seems like we’re posting new block Usenet deals every week.  At least a couple times a month.  Whether it’s NewsgroupDirect’s Terabyte Tuesday, one of theCubeNet’s block offerings or someone else, there are a lot of block deals floating around.  Rather than create a new post every time a special is announced we’ve decided to create a master list of the best pricing on block accounts from leading Usenet providers.

You might want to bookmark this page since it will be updated frequently.  Any time we see a new deal or get news from one of our friends in the industry of an upcoming special we’ll let you know.  That way you don’t have to search around the web for the latest pricing.  As for our list, we’ll be covering all the Usenet providers we’ve come to know and trust over the years.  Each of which offers non-expiring block accounts.

We’ll also make suggestions for which company to choose based on who you use as your primary Usenet provider.  For example if you’re on UseNetServer then we’d recommend a block from Astraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News to compliment for fills and as a backup.  Here’s a more complete list of suggestions:

Unlimited Usenet (Primary) with Suggested Block Providers

Primary Usenet ProviderSuggested Block Providers
UseNetServer - $10 unlimitedAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
Newshosting - $9.99 unlimitedAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
Easynews - $9.95 unlimitedAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
NewsDemon - $10 unlimitedAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
ThunderNews - $10.49 unlimitedAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
NewsgroupDirect - 20% off codeAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
NewsLeecherAstraweb, BlockNews or Usenet-News
Astraweb - $11 unlimitedNewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect or theCubeNet
NGroups - $9.99 unlimitedNewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect or theCubeNet
UseNetNow - $10.39 unlimitedNewsDemon, Astraweb or BlockNews
GiganewsNewsDemon, Astraweb or BlockNews
SupernewsNewsDemon, Astraweb or BlockNews

Let’s jump right into the deals.  We’ll start with the latest offers and best prices.  Reviewing the blocks by size, price and cost per gig.  Continuing the same process for each Usenet provider to show their full offerings.

Best Block Usenet Deals

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
NewsDemon200 GB$19.00$0.10
theCubeNet200 GB$19.99$0.10
BlockNews200 GB$21.59$0.11
Usenet-News200 GB$22.00$0.11
Astraweb1000 GB$50.00$0.05

NewsDemon Blocks

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
NewsDemon10 GB$2.00$0.20
NewsDemon25 GB$5.00$0.20
NewsDemon50 GB$10.00$0.20
NewsDemon75 GB$12.00$0.16
NewsDemon100 GB$15.00$0.15
NewsDemon200 GB$19.00$0.10
NewsDemon500 GB$47.00$0.09
NewsDemon1000 GB$87.00$0.09

NewsgroupDirect Blocks

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
NewsgroupDirect50 GB$12.00$0.24
NewsgroupDirect100 GB$20.00$0.20
NewsgroupDirect250 GB$32.00$0.13
NewsgroupDirect500 GB$60.00$0.12
NewsgroupDirect1000 GB$100.00$0.10
NewsgroupDirect2000 GB$200.00$0.10

theCubeNet Blocks

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
theCubeNet5 GB$2.99$0.60
theCubeNet25 GB$6.99$0.28
theCubeNet50 GB$10.99$0.22
theCubeNet75 GB$12.99$0.17
theCubeNet100 GB$14.99$0.15
theCubeNet200 GB$19.99$0.10
theCubeNet500 GB$39.99$0.08
theCubeNet750 GB$59.99$0.08

Astraweb Blocks

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
Astraweb25 GB$10.00$0.40
Astraweb180 GB$25.00$0.14
Astraweb1000 GB$50.00$0.05

BlockNews Plans

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
BlockNews5 GB$2.75$0.55
BlockNews10 GB$4.50$0.45
BlockNews25 GB$8.50$0.34
BlockNews50 GB$11.79$0.24
BlockNews100 GB$14.69$0.15
BlockNews200 GB$21.59$0.11
BlockNews500 GB$51.49$0.10
BlockNews1024 GB$91.39$0.09
BlockNews3072 GB$239.99$0.08

Usenet-News Blocks

Usenet ProviderBlockPriceCost per Gig
Usenet-News2 GB$2.00$1.00
Usenet-News5 GB$3.00$0.60
Usenet-News10 GB$5.00$0.50
Usenet-News20 GB$8.00$0.40
Usenet-News30 GB$10.00$0.33
Usenet-News50 GB$12.00$0.24
Usenet-News100 GB$15.00$0.15
Usenet-News200 GB$22.00$0.11
Usenet-News500 GB$52.00$0.10
Usenet-News1024 GB$92.00$0.09

I hope you find our pricing tables helpful.  You can put together different combinations of primary (unlimited) and secondary (block) plans to enhance your Usenet experience.  Between our editor’s we use a mix of UseNetServer and Newshosting for our primary service and have a 1 TB block plan from Astraweb for fills.  We share the block plan and given the 1 TB size it should take care of our needs for a long time.

Visit Newsgroup Reviews to learn more about any of the Usenet providers listed in our post.  We also welcome you to follow us on Twitter – @NewsgroupRevs for the latest news, guides and special promotions.