Save on Short Term Usenet Access

Let’s face it sometimes you just have a Usenet scratch that needs itched.  You don’t necessarily need a month of Usenet access.  A weekend of newsgroups would be enough.  You have several options for that situation.  Including short term Usenet accounts and block plans.  Which makes more sense?  It really depends on how much you plan to download.  We’ll cover 3-day unlimited Usenet and block account options.

Short Term Unlimited Usenet

Let’s cover short term Usenet access first.  As you can see in the image above, UseNetServer offers a 3-day plan.  You can pick up the UNS 3-day unlimited plan for $3 without SSL or $5 with SSL.  A really nice solution if you want to download over a weekend but don’t need regular access.  If you plan to download more often check out our UNS specials which include unlimited Usenet downloads for just $10 a month or $95 a year.

Block Usenet Accounts

First let’s explain what a block is and how they differ from unlimited accounts.  Purchasing a block of Usenet downloads is similar to buying a prepaid phone card.  So for example if you decide to buy a 200 GB block your prepaying for 200 GB of newsgroup access.  When considering blocks you want to be careful and buy from a provider that offers non-expiring plans.  Since terms and pricing can change over time we suggest you check out our block Usenet page for the latest offers.  As we only focus on providers that offer non-expiring terms.


We like the UseNetServer 3-day accounts for short term unlimited Usenet downloads.  While their monthly and yearly deals give you more value for long term Usenet access.  Block accounts are good for those who want to use newsgroups from time to time and know their usage patterns.  Those who don’t download much content can save over recurring plans.  Either option will help you scratch that Usenet itch next time it comes up.

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