AT&T Rolls Out DSL and Uverse Broadband Data Caps

Do you use AT&T for Internet access?  If so you should be aware of their new broadband data caps.  According to DSL Reports, on May 2nd AT&T rolled out data caps for both their DSL and Uverse customers.  Those who exceed 150 GB of DSL usage or 250 GB of Uverse usage will pay additional fees for AT&T Internet service.

We personally don’t have AT&T Internet service but know some of our readers will be interested in the new data caps.  As heavy Usenet downloads could cost you a lot of money at $10 per 50 GB exceeding the cap.  If you’re an AT&T DSL or Uverse customer and think you’ll go over the new 150 GB / 250 GB limits start seeking alternatives.  As AT&T will charge you $10 for every 50 GB over the cap.

Beyond Usenet downloads don’t forget other areas that can use lots of bandwidth.  Especially streaming HD movies from services like Netflix.  Not to mention if you have more than one person in your house streaming at the same time.  In addition to Windows updates, service pack downloads, Skype, Vonage, YouTube, etc.  I think Darren says it best in his blog post.  As a former AT&T Uverse customer who decided to move to a different ISP based on the new 250 GB broadband data cap.

Time to beat the drum a little bit.  As we feel strongly that data caps are terrible for customers and bad for the market at large.  Usenet aside, services like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Redbox and others will feel the impact of the caps.  Hopefully these companies can scream loud enough (spend enough in Washington) to move the net neutrality conversation in a positive direction.  In the meantime we encourage AT&T customers to follow in Darren’s footsteps and let your wallets do the talking.