Astraweb Increases Speed on $10 Unlimited Plan

Astraweb recently updated increased speed on their unlimited account.  In the past the $10 Astraweb unlimited plan was capped at 1 Mbit/s.  Now the plan has been boosted to allow up to 5 Mbit/s Usenet downloads.  Astraweb is also offering their unlimited DSL plan (no speed cap) for $11 a month and $96 a year.  Both include 20 connections and free SSL encryption.

We still recommend Astraweb’s unlimited DSL plan as long as the $11 special is running.  Which has been active for a few years now.  For those with slower connections though the $10 unlimited plan with 5 Mbit/s speed cap will save a little more money.

Here’s a quick overview of the Astraweb Unlimied account:
$10/mo. unlimited Usenet access for life!
– Speed capped at 5 Mbps
– 920 days binary retention and growing
– 1,095 days text retention
– 99% completion rate
– 20 connections
– free SSL encryption
– News server farms in the US and Europe

Read our Astraweb review or learn more about the service or sign up for the Astraweb $10 unlimited account.