Power NZB Android App is Free

October 2014 update: the developer of Power NZB, Emile Belanger, has decided to make Power NZB free.  You can download the Android app directly from the Power NZB site by visiting http://powernzb.co.uk/.  To learn why Emile decided to make the app free and possible future plans for the app you can join in the reddit discussion.

We recently picked up a Nexus 7 tablet and have since been taking a close look at what Usenet apps are available for Android devices.  There are a few to choose from and most tie back into SABnzbd.  While we really enjoy using SABnzbd, we’d also like a client to download newsgroup content directly to our Nexus.  After trying some apps that didn’t hit the mark we started testing Power NZB a few days ago and it’s worked great so far.

We’ll write up a full review of Power NZB in the weeks to come.  After we’ve had some more time to test out the app.  For now though we’d like to share some details as I’m sure there are plenty of other Usenet fans looking for a good Android newsreader.  From our limited testing we feel good recommending Power NZB.  For our SABnzbd fans the app now has an integrated SAB client.  You can get Power NZB from Google Play for $4.49.

The Power NZB site does a better job of presenting the apps features than we ever could.  With several screenshots and a change log that details the changes made in each release.  We’ve enjoyed the Power NZB interface and premium features.  You can search Usenet, download and have Power NZB repair and extract the content directly to your Android device.  Which is exactly the functionality we were hoping to find.

Power NZB will provide you with Usenet client features on your Android phone or tablet but you’ll still need a Usenet provider to download content.  We’re guessing that most of you already have a service.  If not there are plenty to choose from.  We’ve been testing Power NZB with Newshosting and the performance is very good.  We also like that Newshosting provides members with a free Usenet client for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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nzb4droid Android Mobile Usenet App

The android market continues to explode with nearly 325,000 apps already available.  One of the recent additions includes nzb4droid.  The nzb4droid app allows Android users to download from Usenet and save the files directly to their device via sdcard.  The nzb4droid app costs $4.04 and is available for Android 2.1 or higher.  For more information or to download the app visit the nzb4droid page on the Android Market site.

The nzbdroid app takes care of PAR repairs and the unRAR process.  Be aware though that each can take some time as the process is intensive.  Especially for larger downloads.  As you can see the application has some nice configurable features.  You can enable SSL and even choose an alternate port if desired.  From there you can set the number of connections and even a maximum download rate.  With additional Par options.

Not to confuse anyone.  nzbdroid is NOT a Usenet provider.  It is a mobile Usenet app to be used with your existing service.  If you need Usenet access take a look at the free trials and special offers sections of NGR.  Along with lots of hands-on reviews and guides.  Also please let us know what you think of nzbdroid.

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