SickBeard Build 503 Released

SickBeard recently pushed a new release of their popular PVR application.  The 503 build includes a number of updates and fixes.  We’ll list them for you in a moment.  Whether your currently running SickBeard or want to give it a try you can grab the latest version 503 free for both Windows and Python.  Both sites include a nice summary of features.  You’ll find SickBeard to be a very nice PVR app.  It integrates and works quite well with SABnzbd.

SickBeard build 503

Here’s a list of changes for build 503 taken directly from their GitHub page:

build 503 (2014-02-??)

  • Metadata: ALL — Cleanup and standardize providers. Pull #786 #789
    • Add banner, season banner season all poster and season all banner options.
    • Remove use_banner poster override since now we have a banner option.

    This now means users can have both a poster and banner instead of one or the other (XBMC12+).

    • Migrate legacy XBMC poster + use_banner setup to just banner option (keeps old functionality).

    Notice that on XBMC the banner and poster result in the same name, if you have both checked off it will just create folder.jpg with a poster since we don’t overwrite existing metadata.

    • Metadata: XBMC — Strip leading/trailing spaces off Actor’s names.
    • Metadata: TIVO — Generate rating off the episode not show data, convert 10 star rating to 4 star (ensure we end up with whole or half integers only).
    • Metadata: MediaBrowser — Re-order and cleaned up the .xml generation to match what MB3 itself produces.
    • Removed Synology metadata since it does not appear to be actually used by Synology units.
  • Tweak RawHD/SDTV (webdl/webrip) and change default defer site. Pull #782
    • Add additional RawHD format support that would allow (very specifically) for: Sherlock.S03E01.1080i.HDTV.H.264.DD2.0-CtrlHD
    • Split webdl/webrip from the normal SDTV regex test, to allow more flexibility since it usually contains audio related tags/h264 (ex: Chosen.S02E01.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-2T).
    • Fix HR.WS.PDTV.x264 from getting wrongly detected as SDTV.
    • Due to request, switched new installs to another defer site,
  • XBMC12+ Metadata support (initial support)

    Note that with the current settings you generate banner OR poster, not both at this time.

    Plans to support season##-banner.jpg / season-all-poster.jpg and having both banner+poster.jpg will happen in a future update.

  • Redirect fixes so that pages load with trailing / to reduce unneeded redirects. Pull #787
  • Update tvdb_api lib to 1.9 (for future support of dvd ordering). Pull #743
  • Add setting catIDs to NewzNab providers (ini only). Pull #771
  • Update FreeBSD init script. Pull #772
  • Update pnotify js, limit to a max of 5 onscreen notifications at a time. Pull #776
  • Fix UI setting of custom NewzNab sites that really do NOT require authentication (use 0 as apikey).
  • Tweak the Error Log Viewer page to show the 500 (instead of 30) most recent errors.
  • Tweak the extra_scripts execution to support unicode and fix the handle is invalid error.
  • Fix saving extra_scripts on config/hidden from creating empty list.
  • Quote search provider names to resolve issues if the name started with a number causing error unrecognized token.
  • Fix double encode UnicodeDecodeError errors when writing to the logger.
  • Fix UnicodeEncodeError exception in name_parser.
  • Trim trailing spaces when comparing ignore_words to resolve badly entered config.ini modifications.
  • Added version checking to the config migrator, follows how we handle our database checking to protect from trying to process ini that has been modified by forks/branches.
  • TVRage related fixes that deal with converting airdate to use locale abbrevations to resolve the error Unable to figure out the time from the TVRage data
  • Fix DeprecationWarning: BaseException.message on related database error messages.

Cheers to the SickBeard developers for continuing to put out timely releases.  Remember to let them know if you find any bugs along the way.  They have an issues page where you can detail the error and submit a traceback log for review.  If you enjoy using SickBeard please consider donating to the project.  You can do so either through the application itself or by visiting their web site.  Donations are handled through PayPal.