Protect Your RapidShare Data

Do you have files stored on RapidShare?  If so move them off immediately.  RapidShare is no longer allowing unlimited free storage.  They are cutting back to 5 GB of free space per user.  Worse yet if you don’t upgrade to a paid account your data will be automatically deleted.  If you need a place to move the data there are several alternatives that offer free online storage space.  Including Google, Microsoft, Amazon and many others.

RapidShare data deletion

It looks like you have until the beginning of April to purchase more storage from RapidShare.  Otherwise you need to move your files off immediately.  They will be sending out warning emails and then deleting the data.  Each user will get 5 GB of free storage.  The confusing part is knowing what data they’ll delete if you’re currently storing more than 5 GB.  Regardless we suggest you move the data off to protect it and then plan for the future.

There are a few Usenet providers that offer free storage to members.  Including NewsDemon, NewsgroupDirect and Giganews.  If you use any of those services then visit their sites and see if you’re eligible for free storage.  Otherwise as we mentioned above there are plenty of options out there to choose from.