NewsLeecher 5 Beta 1 : Multi-Tabbed SuperSearch

Many wondered how long NewsLeecher development would continue last year with the long delay for the version 4 final release.  Since then NL’s developer has answered with continued development and the quick release of NewsLeecher v5 Beta 1.  The new version includes multi-tab SuperSearch functionality.

You can see the new multi-tabbed SuperSearch in action above.  With tabs for Ubuntu, Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 10.10 desktop.  In addition NewsLeecher has once again increased the supported retention in SuperSearch.  Now the Usenet search engine supports 1,050 days of binary retention.  While there aren’t any Usenet providers currently supporting 1,050 days of retention that should change in the months ahead.

NewsLeecher 4 Final was released on November 30th off last year.  With NL version 5 beta 1 coming just a few days ago on January 16th.  While development was already underway on the beta we’re impressed by the progress in bringing the much anticipated multi-tabbed SuperSearch feature to market quickly.  Stay tuned for details on beta 2.  in the meantime download beta 1 and receive a free 14 day trial of NewsLeecher.