Time For NewsgroupDirect’s August Terabyte Tuesday

It’s that time of month again.  With NewsgroupDirect offering another Terabyte Tuesday.  If you’ve missed out in past months or haven’t heard of Terabyte Tuesday then your in for a treat.  This summer NewsgroupDirect has been offering a monthly special on 1 TB block Usenet accounts.  The deal includes 50% off the blocks for one day only each month.  This month it’s today, August 9th.  Sign up by midnight EST to take advantage of the offer.

Terabyte Tuesday or more specifically block Usenet accounts aren’t for everyone.  It really depends on your usage.  If you download a lot then consider an unlimited Usenet account.  There are several deals available that bring the price of unlimited Usenet to under $10 a month.  Those who don’t download much or infrequently should definitely consider the Terabyte Tuesday special.  Sign up before midnight EST and enjoy 1 TB of Usenet downloads for $50.  The 1 TB account doesn’t expire so it’s also good as a backup account or for fills.