Newsbin Pro 6.3 Adds Video Sampling

Late last year we reviewed a new app for Newsbin that let’s users control the newsreader remotely from iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  The NBRemote app enhances the experience for iOS users.  Since then Newsbin has been busy working on new features for their popular Usenet client.  Rolling out new versions including Newsbin Pro 6.3 Release Candidate 2 on February 24th.  One of the new features in Newsbin 6.3 caught our eye.  The ability to sample video files while downloading.  You can download a 10 day free trial of the client.

For those who haven’t used Newsbin in awhile the look has changed quite a bit.  We really like the clean layout and flexibility of the client.  As mentioned above Newsbin 6.3 (starting at beta 5) added support for video previews along with a number of other new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

Here’s a change summary for Newsbin 6.3 RC 2 from their beta page:

  • New Sample mode allows you to view the beginning of a video before the entire rar set completes downloading. Available from the Download tab or the Files tab, both in the toolbar and in the right-click menu.
  • Growl support for notifying on certain events.
  • Made retries configurable. Should help for iffy connections. Default is 2. Can modify under Options/Setup.
  • New column in Groups tab called “New Records” lists number of new posts since the last load.
  • Better progress reporting in Download tab
  • Fixes to resolve memory problems on 32 bit systems
  • Ctrl-Y to force a download now bypasses spam filters too (Add to Download List – Bypass Filters)
  • New authentication scheme for Remote Control Interface so you don’t have to enter your Newsbin key anymore (which is a pain on an iPhone).
  • Expanded Unicode (UTF-8) support for folder names and throughout program.
  • Added ability to have Newsbin either shutdown your PC, make it go to sleep, or hibernate when the download list empties.

We highly encourage you to check out the latest edition of Newsbin Pro.  Those who have a license can always download the latest version for free directly from  Those new to the Usenet client can give it a test spin by downloading the free 10 day trial.  Then a license is just $20 and includes free upgrades for life.

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