Newsbin Remote Android App

We’ve been looking forward to an Android client for Newsbin Pro and are excited to see the new NBRemote Android app is ready for alpha testing.  You’ll find all the setup information and APK download on the Newsbin forum.  Here’s a review we did of the NBRemote iPhone app for comparison.  It will also help explain how to set up the app with the client.  Though we suggest following their forum instructions and help with feedback.

Newsbin Remote for Android

As the name suggests you can use NRemote to remotely control your Newsbin client.  They released an iOS version in December 2011 and are now rolling out a version for Android users.  Since moving over a a Note II this year I’m excited to test out the new app.  First I wanted to share the news so you can join in the alpha testing.  In the weeks to come we’ll update this post with a full review and configuration guide.

Get started by visiting the related Newsbin forum post.  There you’ll find the .apk file and instructions.