Join the GrabIt 2.0 Private Beta

Shames, the development team behind GrabIt newsreader is working on a new release.  As we wrote about May of last year the GrabIt 2.0 user interface had to be completely recoded.  It looks like the programming work is done and they’re now looking for Usenet fans to help test the new GrabIt 2.0 beta.  You can sign up for the private beta here and be one of the first to check out the latest GrabIt 2.0 client for free.

We look forward to sharing impressions of the new GrabIt 2.0 client as the beta progresses.  In the meantime we encourage you to sign up for the private beta and share your feedback to help move the client toward public release.  Once again to sign up visit the GrabIt 2.0 private bate page.  There you’ll enter your email address.  When the private beta begins you’ll be one of the first to have an opportunity to test the new GrabIt 2.0 client.

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