Giganews Hosted NANOG 48 : Tested IPv6 Usenet

NANOG 48 follow up:  Giganews tested IPv6 Usenet during NANOG 48 in Austin.

According to the Giganews blog post:

Giganews recently hosted the latest meeting of NANOG (North American Network Operators’ Group) in Austin, TX. At Giganews, we’re always looking to stay on the leading edge of Usenet service, so we viewed NANOG as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our ongoing efforts to provide service to IPv6 networks. During the conference, NANOG48 attendees from all over the world received free access to Giganews’ service via IPv6.

IPv6 is the next generation of the Internet Protocol (IP) and allows for an almost limitless supply of IP addresses. Unfortunately the current IPv4 address space is limited to roughly 4 billion addresses, and it is projected to be exhausted in less than two years.

Several US Internet providers (e.g. Comcast) have recently announced plans to move their customers to IPv6 backbones. In Europe, IPv6 deployment is progressing more quickly. By providing native IPv6 service, Giganews customers with IPv6 addresses may access Usenet without their traffic going through IPv6-to-IPv4 translation equipment, which can fail or become a bandwidth chokepoint. With our early adoption of the technology, we can continue providing the premium quality service that our customers depend on us for!

Origiinal NANOG48 post:

Giganews will be hosting the 48th meeting of the North American Network Operators’ Group later this month.  The meeting will be held on February 21-24 at the Hilton in Austin, Texas.  This will mark the 48th meeting for NANOG and will be focused on Internet advancements and trends.

You may not be familiar with NANOG but their contributions are important to us all.  Rather than fumble through an explanation of the groups mission we’ll give you the scoop directly from the NANOG site:

NANOG is an educational and operational forum for the coordination and dissemination of technical information related to backbone/enterprise networking technologies and operational practices.

NANOG meetings are held three times each year, and include presentations, tutorials, and BOFs. The meetings are informal, and membership is open. Conference participants typically include senior engineering staff from tier 1 and tier 2 ISPs. Participating researchers present short summaries of their work for operator feedback.

The meeting will include senior engineers, researchers and operators from companies like Giganews, Data Foundry, Highwinds Network Group, Google, Akamai, Comcast, TW Telecom and many more.

In a related Giganews post Phillip Molter, CTO for Giganews explains:

“Giganews’ involvement in NANOG48 is a direct extension of our absolute commitment to providing the highest level of connectivity, throughput and security for our customers.  We’ve chosen to host this meeting, because, as a major network traffic source for tens of millions of people, we want to foster the continued growth of the Internet as an open—unlimited platform.”

Several Usenet providers are expected to be in attendance for NANOG48.  The list includes Giganews, Supernews, Power Usenet, Easynews, Newshosting and UseNetServer.  For more information or to sign up for NANOG48 visit