Easynews Web Retention Tops 1,300 Days

In April Easynews doubled their web retention.  A leap forward for the popular web Usenet service.  At the time they were testing an increase in web retention up to 400 days.  You can read our original post for more background.  The move from 150-200 days of web retention up to 400 was impressive.  Easynews wasn’t done.  They have continued testing retention increases and are now supporting up to 1,300 days of web retention.  Along with 1,700 days of nntp binaries.  You can test their web Usenet service for two weeks free.

Easynews web retention

Regardless of which account you choose, Easynews provides at least a year of web retention with the option to add 400 days or increase to the full 1,300 days of retention.  Let’s take a look at the default for each web plan:

  • Classic Plan – 365 days
  • Plus Plan – 525 days
  • BigGig Plan – 1,300 days

As you can see the BigGig account comes with the full 1,300 days of web retention.  While Classic includes 365 and Plus has 525 days.  You can add 400 days to the lower plans for $1.99 or access all 1,300 days for $2.99.  The other difference is monthly downloads.  With BigGig supporting 150 GB, Plus provides 40 GB and Classic includes 20 GB of monthly access.  Members can rollover unused gigs.  You also earn loyalty gigs.  Over time you can build up a nice gig bank for future use.  Add unlimited NNTP access for just $9.95 a month.