Web Usenet Takes a Leap Forward

Less than a year ago we reported on Easynews web retention growth.  At the time they had expanded the number of days users could search for content via web browser from 150-200 days up to 400 days.  That was quite impressive at the time.  Since then the Easynews team has been hard at work continuing to build out the service.  They recently announced that web retention is at 1,613 days and will continue to grow each day.

We enjoy sharing updates from Usenet providers and software developers on a regular basis.  A lot of times the changes are incremental or focus on a very specific feature.  Every now and then we get a game changer.  Something that will completely change the experience for users.  This is definitely one of those times.  Easynews just announced that for the first time ever they are increasing web retention on a daily basis.

Easynews web retention

We have a lot to talk about in this post but I don’t want to leave you hanging on the most important news.  The increase in web-Usenet retention.  Just a year ago members had access to 150 days (Classic) or 200 days (Plus and BigGig) of binary files.  They have totally blown that away.  Now members have access to up to 1,613 days of web retention with additional growth each day.  For example tomorrow they will have 1,614 days and the next day it will be at 1,615.  That’s nearly four and a half years of web retention and growing.

Let’s take a closer look at the Easynews web-based Usenet plans:

Easynews Usenet plans

  • BigGig (1,613+ days web retention) – 150 GB a month + unlimited NNTP, rollover and 12 GB loyalty bonus
  • Plus Plan (525 days web retention) – 40 GB a month + rollover gigs and 2 GB loyalty bonus
  • Classic Plan (365 days web retention) – 20 GB a month + rollover gigs and 1 GB loyalty bonus
  • Plus and Classic plans can be upgraded to full web retention for just $2.99 a month

Need to go back more than 1,613 days to find content?  If so Easynews has you covered.  Members can use free Usenet clients like SABnzbd, Binreader or GrabIt along with premium newsreaders like Newsbin and Newsleecher to access 2,000 days of binary retention.  Usage is discounted 50% and taken off your monthly allotment of gigs.  They also offer an unlimited NNTP plan.  BigGig members receive unlimited NNTP for free.

We could go on and on about the features in Easynews web interface but it’s better to try it for yourself.  You can search, preview and download content from within your web browser.  It works with all the major web browsers.  There are also some cool iOS and Android apps available.  Our favorite is EZ Global Search.  We enjoy using it on both iPhone and iPad.  Android users can try out EZ Usenet and EasyBrowser apps.

As we mentioned earlier you can’t fully appreciate Easynews without trying the web interface for yourself.  Check out their upgraded retention and look over the plans and service features.  Once you’ve had a chance to get familiar with the specifics you can test drive the service for free.  Sign up for their 14 day free trial and test out the web interface.  You will automatically have access to up to 1,613+ days of web retention.