Usenet Providers Celebrate 3 Years of Binary Retention

This month several leading Usenet providers including UseNetServer are celebrating a new milestone.  Having surpassed three years of binary retention!  That’s 1,095+ days of binaries online.  An amazing achievement considering where we were just a couple years ago.  While binary retention is a popular comparison tool we’ve noticed more and more value adds lately as well.  Like the newly released Newshosting Usenet client.

We’ll be writing a number of posts this week to commemorate the three year achievement.  Stay tuned as we continue to deliver the latest news and special offers from top Usenet providers like UNS, Newshosting, NewsDemon, Astraweb, Easynews and more.  For now let’s tip our glass to UseNetServer and the other newsgroup services who are celebrating 1,095+ days of binary retention.  That kind of retention comes at a substantial cost.  As Usenet fans we are very appreciative of the efforts taken by each provider to hit 3 years!