XS Usenet Offers 1 Mbit Free Account in The Netherlands

Over the Labor Day weekend we heard from an NGR fan in the Netherlands.  They shared a new free Usenet offer with us and in turn we would like to share it with our readers.  Please understand that we do not have any connection with XS Usenet.  Nor have we tested the service so we can’t vouch for their reliability.  Regardless, XS Usenet appears to be offering free 1 Mbit accounts in The Netherlands.   You can visit their homepage – http://www.xsusenet.com/en/ for more information and to sign up for free 1 Mbit Usenet access.

As mentioned above we don’t have any experience with the XS Usenet service.  From visiting the site we see they offer the free account which is speed capped at 1 Mbit.  Along with a 100 Mbit premium account.  They support 600 days of binary retention.  We did not see any information in regards to SSL on the site.

It looks like XS Usenet is available to users in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  They accept both PayPal and iDeal payments.  If you are looking for a premium European Usenet provider with higher retention then check out Eweka.  They offer unlimited Usenet with 1,100+ days of binaries for €7,50 a month.

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