Which Usenet Provider Offers the Best Value?

We’re often asked our opinion on which Usenet providers offer the best value.  While it would be easy to point users to our Editors Choice list we always follow up first and ask for more information.  As our response would differ based on what the user is looking for in a Usenet service.  For pure Usenet we really like UNS and Astraweb.  Yet when it comes to the best Usenet value neither provider would be at the top of our list.

For us the question of who offers the best Usenet value goes beyond newsgroup access.  That wasn’t always the case but now some leading providers are offering bundled services (newsreaders, Usenet search, online storage, VPN, etc.) along with unlimited Usenet access for less than $10 a month.  While we highly recommend both UNS and Astraweb these other services offer more value-added features along with newsgroup access.

Best Usenet value

Let’s take a look at some of the best Usenet values and the free add-on features offered by each provider.

Newshosting : Unlimited Usenet + Newsreader + Usenet Search

Newshosting Specials

Newshosting is our pick for the best Usenet value.  Along with unlimited Usenet access they offer members a great newsreader (Windows, Mac, Linux) and Usenet search engine.  Not to mention high retention, free SSL and excellent performance.  All for just $9.99 a month or $99 a year.  Unlimited Usenet along with a newsreader and built-in search engine for $9.99 is quite a value!

NewsDemon : Unlimited Usenet + Newsreader + Online Storage

Demon Deal

NewsDemon is another outstanding Usenet value.  Offering members unlimited Usenet access, a free copy of News Rover and unlimited online storage.  Along with high retention, free SSL and excellent performance.  All for just $9.99 a month.  Unlimited Usenet downloads along with News Rover newsreader and free online storage is an amazing value for just $9.99 a month!

Newshosting and NewsDemon top our list of the best Usenet values.  With each offering unlimited Usenet and excellent add-on features for less than $10 a month. Some other good Usenet values include Easynews (Usenet + web interface for $9.98 a month), ThunderNews (Usenet + newsreader for $10.49 a month) and Ngroups (Usenet + storage + VPN for $9.99 a month).

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