UseNetServer Global Search 2.0

You might think it’s a quiet time for Usenet providers but a few are still making waves with new innovations.  UseNetServer is certainly a top provider in the market today and they continue to improve the service.  The release of UseNetServer (UNS) Global Search 2.0 is a huge improvement to their search engine.  Think of it as Binsearch on steroids.  That’s saying a lot because I’m a big fan of Binsearch.  UNS Global Search 2.0 takes it a step further offering real-time results across their full range of binary retention.  Best of all it’s free to all UNS members.  Those new to UNS can sign up for unlimited Usenet access for just $10 a month or $95 a year.

UseNetServer Global Search 2.0

Are you having trouble finding the content you want using newsgroups?  If so then I suggest you give the new UseNetServer global search 2.0 a try.  Prior to the new 2.0 Usenet search engine UNS many users relied on newsreaders like Newsbin Pro or NewsLeecher with built-in search.  Others would use NZB sites to find content.  Both are similar to the approach of UNS global search 2.0.  The difference is that you can now search for content across UseNetServer’s full range of binary retention without leaving their site.  Once you find the desired content you can pull the NZB file into your favorite Usenet client to download the related content.

Here are some of the new features and improvements in UNS Global Search 2.0:

  • A subject based on keywords can be performed for all article sets in the binary newsgroups spanning UseNetServer’s full retention and results can be filtered by specific poster names and or newsgroups.
  • Individual posts are collapsed into one single result for each article set that makes up the entirety of a post by a poster or posters.
  • Global Search 2.0 allows UNS to service many more queries faster.  This results in a lesser strain on the hardware and much faster search results.

UNS members can access the new Global Search 2.0 engine by signing in here:

If you’re not already using UNS I definitely recommend the service.  They have some of the fastest servers in the US and Europe.  Members enjoy acess to over 2,100 days of binary retention and growing.  Along with 20 connections and unlimited Usenet downloads for $10 a month.  You’ll also enjoy unlimited access to the new UNS Global Search 2.0 engine.  You can read our UseNetServer review to learn more about the service.

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