UseNetServer Free VPN Deal

UseNetServer just took their service to a whole new level.  Adding VPN access to their popular Usenet offering.  New members can add VPN to any UNS plan for $4.99 a month.  Better yet UseNetServer is currently offering free VPN access for new users who sign up for our NewgroupReviews annual UNS High-Speed Plus special.  Enjoy a full year of unlimited Usenet and VPN access for just $95.40.  That works out to just $7.95 a month.

UseNetServer VPN Deal

If you haven’t had a chance to try UseNetServer I strongly suggest you sign up for an account to see how much UNS has to offer.  Even before the free VPN promotion UNS was one of the best values in Usenet.  Now it’s without a doubt the best deal for those who go with their annual promotion.  The VPN access alone is worth more than the price you’ll pay for Usenet and VPN combined.  Connect on two devices at a time for VPN.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the UNS High-Speed special with VPN:

  • UNS High-Speed Plus (unlimited Usenet) – $10 a month, add VPN for $4.99 a month
  • UNS High-Speed Plus (unlimited Usenet + free VPN) – $95.40 a year (no additional cost for VPN)

As you can see the price of the monthly special is $10 which is well below the retail price.  Those who sign up for monthly access can add VPN for $4.99 a month.  Where things start getting even more exciting is with the annual plan.  Pay just $95.40 for a year of unlimited Usenet access and receive full access to their network of 70 VPN servers across 17 countries free of charge.  That’s an outstanding deal from UNS.

On the Usenet side UNS has been listed at or near the top of our rankings for years now.  They are currently only second to Newshosting.  For those seeking VPN access UNS would easily be our top pick.  UseNetServer offers nearly 2,200 days of binary retention and growing.  Along with NNTP servers in the United States and Europe.  You can use up to 20 connections but you won’t need that many.  All members have access to UNS global search.  The search engine will help you find newsgroup content.

Read our UseNetServer review to learn more or sign up for the UNS High-Speed Plus Deal and enjoy!