UseNetServer Innovation Challenge

The UseNetServer Innovation Challenge is a competition that is being held to honor the release of the Raspberry Pi 2. This challenge comes in the form of a question,”What can you do with a Raspberry Pi 2?”  Prizes for the competition include a Raspberry Pi 2, $100 Visa gift card, and 1 month of free Usenet access.

UNS Innovation Challenge

Creativity is key to the UNS Innovation Challenge.  The contest will be judged based on four criteria, each of which will be worth 25% of your overall score.  We are excited to be helping UNS judge the event this summer and look forward to checking out your project.  Make sure to include the UNS service in your creation.

Here’s the criteria in which contestants will be judged:

  • Creativity – As consumers, almost everything that we need when it comes to living, working and playing already exists. But how can we transform modern inventions in order to change the status quo? Allow your creative juices to flow when thinking of your innovation.
  • Originality – Is your idea unique and unlike anything else this world has ever seen? When drafting your invention, consider whether it’s one of a kind, or if something like it already exists.
  • Feasibility – How realistic is your idea? Is it too complex to come to life? When thinking of your invention, ensure that it’s feasible for others to make.
  • Inclusion of Service – Does your invention include the UsenetServer service? Think of a way that the Raspberry Pi 2 can be integrated into the native downloader, search tool, or any other feature included with UsenetServer.

Here is a list of dates of the contest.

  • June 17th – July 17th – Accepting Submissions
  • July 20th – August 3rd – Judging of Entries
  • August 7th – Announce Innovation Challenge Winner

For those that are unfamiliar with a Raspberry Pi, it was started as a group of credit card-sized, single board computers developed in the UK and used as a way to teach basic computer science in schools. Because it runs on a Linux kernel and is open source, there have been many uses for it outside of the original application including being an inexpensive solution for web surfing.  The Raspberry Pi 2 is the current version and has a  900 MHz quad-core ARMv7 Cortex-A7 CPU, and has 1 GB of RAM. It is also fully backwards compatible with the original Raspberry Pi.

What can you do with a Raspberry Pi 2? Only you know the answer to that. The possibilities are endless. Be sure to get your submissions in no later then July 17th for a chance to win one of the great prizes including a Raspberry Pi 2, $100 Visa gift card, and a free month of Usenet service. Feel free to get out there and give it a go. You’ll never know what innovations you are capable of unless you try.