UsenetBucket Whack a Mole Promotion

UsenetBucket is going all out to celebrate the season.  They are starting by offering a Whack a Mole promotion which is running through Friday, October 21st.  Any new or existing members that sign up by the end of the promotion will receive between 5% and 30% of your order.  You play a game of Whack a Mole to determine the discount.  Visit and sign up no later than October 21st to save up to 30% off.

UsenetBucket promo

I’m sure its our geek side showing but we always enjoy seeing the holiday themes the Usenet providers come up with each year.  Most center around Christmas and New Years so we still have a few weeks to wait.  As for themes we really like what UsenetBucket has done in the past for Halloween.  They are original and I’m sure it takes some effort.  The only downside we’ve heard is some people wish they could mute the sound.  We never mind.

You can see the pricing above but we’ll quickly step through the details of their special:

  • Basic Bucket (10 Mbit speed cap) – €2,95 for 30 days of access
  • Comfort Bucket (40 Mbit speed cap) – €4,95 for 30 days of access
  • Ultimate Bucket (400 Mbit speed cap) – €12,95 for 30 days of access
  • Play Whack a Mole to save up to 30% off all buckets.

All UsenetBucket accounts include unlimited access to their European news server.  They have 1,200 days of binary retention along with SSL encryption.  We’re very jealous of anyone who has the bandwidth to come close to maxing out their Ultimate Bucket.  You won’t need a coupon code to snag the discount.  Just remember to play Whack a Mole and sign up by the end of Friday, October 21st to take advantage of the promotion.

You can check out our European Usenet page to compare UsenetBucket to other leading Dutch providers.